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Weight Loss Hypnosis

What can Self Hypnosis do for you?

Weight loss hypnosis is another alternative to traditional methods of weight loss. Hypnosis works by relaxing the you. Once you are in a relaxed state your mind is more receptive to suggestion.

This is where a hypnotherapist comes in. A hypnotherapist will make "suggestions" and while in a "hypnotized" state your mind is more receptive to "accepting" them. Hypnotherapy is performed to help people quit smoking as well. You "convince" the mind that you no longer want to smoke, that you are not addicted to cigarettes. When you awake you no longer want or need them. Same thing goes in weight loss hypnotism, you "convince" the mind that you are at your desired weight.

This therapy is most likely to work for you if you go with in open mind. A hypnotist can not make someone do something against their will.

Make sure you are comfortable with your hypnotist.

Make sure your surroundings are free from distraction, turn off your cell phone!

Hypnotic Therapy is more likely to be successful for people that understand that hypnosis isn't a loss of control, instead it is an advanced relaxation technique to program you to think differently.

Why don't we hear more about hypnosis and weight loss or smoking cessation? Because the technique is underutilized and most doctors are not trained in clinical hypnosis. If they have received training, the cost for individual sessions is out of reach for most people. Yet, if you talk to those who have used medical hypnosis successfully, their stories are often times quite astounding and almost magical..

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