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What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is the use of hypnosis to achieve maximum relaxation, comfort, and relief during childbirth. The HypnoBirthing method is based on the work of Grantly Dick-Read, MD, the English obstetrician who wrote Childbirth Without Fear in 1944. According to Dr. Dick-Read, use of hypnosis during labor helps laboring women break what he termed the "Fear-Tension-Pain syndrome" which makes labor more difficult. He believed the syndrome actually caused blood to flow away from nonessential organs such as the uterus to large muscle groups in the legs. He theorized that relaxation achieved through hypnosis would prevent that from happening. Marie F. Mongan, Director of the HypnoBirthing Institute, says that with the aid of hypnosis, a woman can bring her body into a state of deep relaxation in which the body's muscles can work the way they're meant to during childbirth. She says it feels similar to daydreaming, or the feeling you get when you are lost in a book or movie. People who've used this technique report feeling relaxed, calm, aware, and in control.

Benefits of Hypnobirthing

  • Relaxed Mom and Dad throughout pregnancy, labor and birth. Both parents participate in the Hypnosis and Fear Release sessions, providing them with a sense of calm and confidence.
  • Shorter labors due to lack of resistance in the birthing muscles.
  • Fewer complications and interventions, as the body and mind stay completely relaxed during labor. Posterior and Breech babies can be turned with hypnosis as well.
  • Fewer drugs or no drugs at all, means less risk of harmful side effects for mother and baby.
  • Elimination of the Fear/Tension/Pain Syndrome. CDs and scripts are used in labor to effect post-hypnotic suggestions for elimination of discomfort and relaxation.

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